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Training on Y-PEER Peer Education Model for Peer Educators in Gorkha, Nepal

May 6, 2016

Training on Y-PEER Peer education model for PEER educators of older adolescents group for  5 days was conducted according to cluster level cluster A, cluster B, cluster C and cluster D in Gorkha district. In cluster A there is six VDCs and one municipality whereas in all three cluster B, C and D there are six VDCs in each cluster.


 In cluster A, there were 28 Peer educators from six VDC and one Municipality (2 girls and 2 boys

from each VDC) and 14 Social Mobilizers on the two venues during training period

In cluster B, there were a total of 36 participants including peer educators and social mobilizers.

In cluster C, there were altogether 36 participants including 2 Social Mobilizers and 4 Peer Educators (2 Boys and 2 Girls) from each VDC

In cluster D, there were altogether 36 participants, 2 Social Mobilizers and 4 peer educators (2 Boys and 2 Girls) from each VDC.

Objectives of Training:

  • To give detail information of program objectives.
  • To trained them and provide detail skills, knowledge regarding ASRH.
  • To make the Peer educators Skillful.
  • To address the expectation of Peer educators and to give more importance to the expectation of Peer educators in training.

Expectations of Peer Educators

  • To know detail about ASRH.
  • To become clear regarding Peer educators.
  • To be clear about the sexually transmitted disease.
  • To become skillful in the subject matter.
  • To develop their Presentation skills


  • Active participation of Peer educators.
  • Participants have got skills of facilitation.
  • Their understandings on ASRH and life skills issues have been cleared.
  • They have got knowledge on how to conduct sessions in school, community child clubs and youth clubs.
  • It has developed capacity for training conduction.


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